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About This Spot
We are Brand Ambassadors. We are Strategic Thinkers. We are Passionate Sellers. We are Consumer Advocates.Launched in 2013, THINK! is an innovative full service marketing company focused on consumer engagement and acquisition. Our philosophy is personalization – we do not provide cookie-cutter solutions but instead focus on working with each client to develop custom-tailored solutions to meet any marketing and sales objective. With a proven track record across a broad spectrum of categories including music, automotive, spirits, packaged goods, luxury, and travel and tourism, we are uniquely positioned to provide out-of-the-box thinking that incorporates both traditional and non-traditional marketing elements. The unparalleled combination of corporate sales experience, strategic marketing and agency planning set us apart from other marketing agencies. We have developed and executed marketing, experiential, and advertising campaigns for many of the world’s largest brands. In addition, we have represented some of the most well-known media brands and grown both their ad sales and marketing revenues.