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Nashville Shows

Maybe you love comedy. Or maybe you’re into performing arts. Perhaps you like to be entertained at a dinner theatre. Find all of these shows and more in Music City.

Performing Arts

Witness Nashville artists express their talent through song, theatre, and dance. Check out Music City's performing arts.

Dinner Theatres

Make the most of your time in Music City by enjoying a meal combined with a play or musical. Flip through Nashville's dinner theatres.

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Be entertained.
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Nashville has a mix of music’s past, present, and future with cuts of country, bluegrass, rock, pop, Americana, gospel, classical, jazz and blues, all blending and overlapping in perfect harmony. With music and entertainment around every corner, friends and family can enjoy the sounds that make this town a Music City.

Nashville Music & Entertainment

Browse through all of Nashville's music and entertainment options you need to explore during your trip to Music City.