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Whether you're a first timer or a seasoned Nashville visitor, we have some suggestions on how you can celebrate your time in Music City.

"Nashville has boosted its status as a music mecca with the opening of the National Museum of African American Music ("

The Telegraph (UK), January 2021
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Looking for some inspiration for your next trip to Nashville? These trip ideas will help you begin planning the ultimate Nashville experience.

Spring at Cheekwood Estate & Gardens
Fun in the sun
The Great Outdoors

Nashville is known for having temperate weather that allows you to enjoy outdoor activities almost year round.

Seasons in Nashville
Outdoor Fun

This is Music City, if it feels good outside, then we are playing outside.

Free Live Music in Nashville
Dare to play?
True Music City

Experience the real sounds of Music City through our amazing attractions, classic restaurants, and the legendary Honky Tonk Highway.

Ryman Auditorium Stage
Nashville's music scene

Experience the one-of-a-kind Nashville scene that grooves to the constant beat of live music and hit attractions.

Skyline in Nashville
Make it the first of many
The First Timer

It's your first time to Nashville. Here are some suggestions on must-sees for your initial visit. Then get ready to come back and do more!

Things to do in Nashville
Things to Do

We are Music City and with the name comes every type of genre to play.

Neighborhood Trip
Explore our neighborhoods
Neighborhood Trip

Get to know Nashville's unique neighborhoods, each with their own history and unique spots to discover.

Nashville's neighborhoods

This reborn Southern scene ranges from rebel to ritzy all in the same block. Explore these avenues and you’re sure to discover an intimacy found nowhere else.

The Parthenon in Nashville
Immerse yourself in the arts
Arts & Culture

Immerse yourself in Nashville's burgeoning arts scene and include gallery visits, theatre productions, and cultural experiences in your trip itinerary.

David Lusk Gallery
Nashville's Art Scene

While we might be called Music City, it's not the only art you find around every block.

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage Exterior
Art, History, & Food

Experience Nashville's art, history, and some of the best food spots around during your visit in Music City.

Belle Meade Plantation Mansion
History Attractions

Steeped in history that dates back to 1779 and the founding of the city of Nashville.

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