It All Begins With A Song

This is a film about one of the most important unknown forces in music: The Nashville Songwriter.

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About the Film

We all hum their tunes. We know their words by heart. And we tell the story of our own lives through their art. Yet, few of us know their names. This is a film about one of the most important and unknown forces in music: The Nashville Songwriter. We will tell their story in a way it has never been told. We will document their struggles. From paying their dues to working through their creative process. We will celebrate their success. From the eureka moment of uncovering that musical gem that turns into a hit to receiving a Grammy and hearing how their words and music change people’s lives. But most of all, we pay tribute to the most valuable resource in the music industry today.

"...takes you into the world of Americana, folk, rock, pop and beyond. It’s more than fair to make the assumption there’s only one original songwriting capital in the world, and it is Nashville."

Critical Popcorn
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It All Begins with a Song: The Story of the Nashville Songwriter

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"There is nowhere else like it in the world, this thing that we call Nashville and nothing, not tornadoes, not cross-pollination with other sounds and genres, not the passing of particular generations is going to stop it or even slow it down. It all begins with a song but what comes next is simply magical."

Lyric Magazine
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Award-Winning Documentary

It All Begins with a Song has been honored with the following awards:

  • Cannes
    Entertainment for Music – Brand or Product Int. in music content – Silver Lion
    Entertainment for Music – Artist as s Brand/Cause Ambassador – Silver Lion
    Entertainment – Cinema & Theatrical: non-fiction film – Silver Lion
    Film Craft – Use of Licensed or adapted music - Shortlist
  • Clio Music: Long-form film – Use of music - Bronze
  • D&AD: Branded Content & Entertainment / Non-Fiction Film – Wood Pencil
  • Andy's: Idea - Winner
  • Adweek ARC: Best Use of Long-Form Film - Winner
  • Digiday Content Marketing: Best Use of Video
  • Film Festivals
    International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019 (official selection)
    Napa Valley Film Festival 2019 (official selection)
    KC Film Fest International 2019 (official selection)
    Nashville Film Festival 2019 (official selection)
    Middle of the Map Fest (Award Winner)

"The song. The reason that they're powerful is that they get immediately right to your heart."

Kris Kristofferson

It All Begins with a Song Documentary Playlist

"Once I came to Nashville for a writing session. And I never left."

Peter Frampton
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