It All Begins With A Song

This is a film about one of the most important unknown forces in music: The Nashville Songwriter.

About the Film

We all hum their tunes. We know their words by heart. And we tell the story of our own lives through their art. Yet, few of us know their names. This is a film about one of the most important and unknown, forces in music: The Nashville Songwriter. We will tell their story in a way it has never been told. We will document their struggles. From paying their dues to working through their creative process. We will celebrate their success. From the eureka moment of uncovering that musical gem that turns into a hit to receiving a Grammy and hearing how their words and music change people’s lives. But most of all, we pay tribute to the most valuable resource in the music industry today.

"The song. The reason that they're powerful is that they get immediately right to your heart."

Kris Kristofferson

"Once I came to Nashville for a writing session. And I never left."

Peter Frampton
For the Love of Music documentary
For the Love of Music: The Story of Nashville

This is a film rooted in authenticity. A story filled with passion and truth. A film made simply for the love of music.

"This is the place people come to write songs."

Brett James
Ryman Auditorium Stage
Nashville's Music Scene

Hundreds of years in the making, Nashville's music scene is the stuff of dreams - and the best trips ever.