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The NFL Tennessee Titans play at Nissan Stadium in Nashville September-December. See them play on their home field against the Indianapolis Colts, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, and more.

2021 Home Game Schedule:

Tennessee Titans vs. Chicago Bears
Nissan Stadium
August 28 @ 6pm/c

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Tennessee Titans vs. Arizona Cardinals
Nissan Stadium
September 12 @ 12pm/c

Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts
Nissan Stadium
September 26 @ 12pm/c

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Tennessee Titans vs. Buffalo Bills
Nissan Stadium
October 18 @ 7:15pm/c

Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs
Nissan Stadium
October 24 @ 12pm/c

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Tennessee Titans vs. New Orleans Saints
Nissan Stadium
November 14 @ 12pm/c

Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans
Nissan Stadium
November 21 @ 12pm/c

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Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Nissan Stadium
December 12 @ 12pm/c

Tennessee Titans vs. San Fransisco 49ers
Nissan Stadium
December 23 @ 7:20pm/c

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Tennessee Titans vs. Miami Dolphins
Nissan Stadium
January 2 @ 12pm/c

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Nashville Playbook

Below are three plays, each with their own agenda, to help you succeed during a game day weekend in Music City.

Titans at Nissan Stadium
"Grub-lerooski" Play

Find out where to grub out in Nashville when you come see a game. From morning to night, we have created an agenda that offers plenty of authentic Nashville restaurants to try.

"Hail Live Music" Play

Ensure a victory trip to Nashville by adding live music to your itinerary.

Tennessee Titans
"All Out Nashville" Play

Blitz to as many attractions & unique sights as you can when in Music City.


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