Boutique Row
Winter in Nashville

The colder months don’t mean the good times stop in Music City. 

Heat It Up

Heat up your winter with Nashville music, food, arts, sports, and special events. It's a great time to be in Music City.

Tinney Contemporary Art Gallery
Nashville's art scene
Warm the soul with Art

Art moves us whether it be through lyrics, on a canvas, or performed visually. Expand the mind through art which offers an experience that warms the soul. Nashville understands the power of art and aims to provide you with the best galleries, visual art performances, and more this winter season.

Arts & Culture

Murals, street art, public art, art galleries, and museums are all a part of experiencing Music City’s visual art offerings. Discover more of Nashville's art and culture.

Hermitage Hotel
Places to stay

Keep warm and snug during your next trip to Nashville by finding the perfect place to stay this winter. Lodging comes with amenities to make your stay exceptional.

Music City Midnight: New Year's Eve in Nashville
Nashville parties year-round
See more seasons

No matter what time of year you visit Nashville, you’ll find exciting events, thrilling concerts, and delicious food. While each season changes in weather, Music City keeps the fun going year-round. See what Nashville is doing during the other seasons.


Browse through all the fun things Nashville has to offer. From arts & culture to shopping and sports, Nashville has something for everyone.