Winter in Nashville

Winter in Nashville

The colder months don’t mean the good times stop in Music City. 

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Winter in Nashivlle
Join the fun
Live Music, Free Music, and more music

Doesn't take long to realize you're in Music City. All you have to do is walk down our streets, visit our neighborhoods, and open your ears to the tunes playing in Nashville every single day. Make sure you are here for the free Music City Midnight: New Year's Eve in Nashville celebration. Last year, Keith Urban, Peter Frampton, and more rocked the stage.

Winter in Nashville
Music City Midnight: New Year's Eve in Nashville

Find out more about Nashville's annual free celebration.

Hot Chicken in Nashville
Heat up with Hot Chicken

Hot chicken is a Nashville specialty. Fried chicken breaded and coated with spices, typically heavy on the cayenne. Served with some white bread and pickles, Nashville hot chicken lights up the senses.

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Tinney Contemporary Art Gallery
Nashville's art scene
Warm the soul with Art

Whether it be lyrics, on a canvas, or performed visually, art moves us. To expand the mind through art offers an experience that warms the soul. Nashville understands the power of art and aims to provide you with the best galleries, visual art performances, and more this winter season.

Shop from a Music City Maker
Makers of Nashville

It is true what they say. Everyone in Nashville plays an instrument. It might be a thread instead of a guitar, a brush instead of a piano, or a hammer instead of a trumpet. No matter. Nashville's creative community runs deep, from the music to the fashion and everything in between. Take the time to read about a few of the great makers of Nashville and don't forget to pay a visit to their shops.

Music City Midnight: New Year's Eve in Nashville
Nashville parties year-round
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