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Saunders provides many power solution options (see our Website for more information and pictures Rentals are a big part of Saunders’ business. We rent power equipment directly to productions, studio lots, facilities and other vendors/event planners in our industries. Many of the rentable items are listed throughout the options under the POWER SOLUTIONS webpage. Some equipment requires Saunders trained operators. (Note: Saunders is an approved vendor in the NBC Redbook.) - STUDIO QUIET GENERATORS: Selection of the appropriate sized generator for your event is crucial for engineering the right solution for Peace of Mind. Saunders’ fleet of paralleling generators has the most reliable track records in the live sports and live entertainment industries. All of our generators are meticulously maintained and Saunders has installed redundant units for critical components. We have one of the largest fleets of paralleling generators in the industry allowing our fleet to parallel to most other units regardless of size. Our crew of generator tech/operators are well trained in operation, maintenance and trouble shooting. We operate nationwide. Our fleet of towable generators range in size from 60KW to 600KW. 60KW – 196KW generators can be towed by our fleet of Dodge Ram trucks; larger units are towed by our fleet of Peterbilt tractors. Dodge and Peterbilt trucks are among the most reliable trucks in the trucking industry, ensuring timely delivery! - PRODUCTION TRAILERS: Saunders offers 28′ and 40′ trailers that are known as production trailers, screens trailers and C Units depending upon your industry’s designation. They provide full underbelly storage and large platform lift gates with storage room to accommodate your camera dollies, sideline dollies, other rental equipment, utility and golf carts. These custom built trailers come with flexible monitor mounting for work stations, air conditioning, lighting and can be used as a luxury office trailer or screens trailer. Designed to tow behind our LB Trucks, Saunders provides power generation, distribution and a trailer with one rig for transportation cost savings. - TRANSFORMERS: Our transformer rental stock contains all sizes of transformers from small Buck/Boost-Standard step down units – specialty isolation shielded units – to large studio units. Almost all of our transformers come with primary and secondary switches, roll bar protection, and either dolly or skid/trailer mounted. An extensive list is provided under product specifications on our website including Step down, Shielded & Isolation, European, Buck Boost, Step up, specialty transformers, and small UPSs. Call us if you don’t see what you need, please ask, as we’re constantly adding to our rental stock. - POWER DISTRIBUTION & CABLE CROSSOVERS: Please refer to our website for more details. We have CAM Distros, Switches, Auto and manual transfer switches, Type W and Entertainment Cable, Distros, 30A and 50A cable, EDISON and RV Distribution, Cable Crossovers, ADA rampa and many custom adapters. LOCATION SURVEYS We are available to assist you in conducting site surveys as part of overall power design. If you are planning an event and need to verify power availability and cable pathways, include Saunders when you conduct a site survey. As part of the survey, we present the most cost effective, environmentally friendly power plan available to you. Our custom solutions are designed to exceed your expectations and include: *Verifying available power and accessibility *Providing on-site power design engineering logistics for tech and lighting loads *Calculating power loads and distribution pathways EMERGENCY POWER Saunders Electric is standing by 24/7 to assist your business with emergency power outage solutions and generator tie-in service. Our highly trained electricians have over 30 years of experience providing solutions to keep your building powered in the event of a total utility failure. Saunders Electric offers the following services on location: Licensed electrical contractor. Portable Power delivered directly to your site. Fully insured service. Permits. On-Site Fueling service for power generation. We perform only the highest quality work and follow the strictest standards of performance and safety. POWER OUTAGES The production team’s ultimate nightmare – a total black-out power failure.
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