West End / Elliston Place

Marathon Music Works

Known as Nashville's Music Forum for almost 50 years.

About This Spot
Since November 2011, Marathon Music Works has become a staple among live music venues in Nashville, TN while also producing a myriad of stunning private events. With a standing room capacity of 1,700 in a turn-of-the-century, warehouse style building, the venue is fashioned inside a former automobile factory known as Marathon Motor Works. Today, the area is known as historic Marathon Village, a creative community located just minutes from downtown Nashville. Marathon Music Works is attempting to master the concert-going experience with multiple bars, lounges and food options plus the highest quality audio for every genre including rock, hip-hop, indie and country. The historic open space is also extremely versatile and can accommodate every type of private event, from an upscale wedding to a corporate function to a small, casual cocktail party.
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