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About This Spot
Two Countries. Two Cultures. One Love, Food.

As a happenstance, “Q” and “AJ”, a.k.a. Qasim and Arjun, met via a common friend not too long ago. Their love for food, coupled with an intense passion for hospitality and a shared devotion for cricket bound them intricately, paving the way for Gully Boyz. Q & AJ grew up in Pakistan and India, respectively, eating “almost similar but slightly different” cuisine on the same streets where they played cricket. Gully Boyz essentially means street boys and has been conceptualized to bring the two countries together, otherwise separated by geography and politics but with far more in common—love for food, cricket and a painful, shared history. Despite their geopolitical differences, around the world and especially in the U.S., people of Pakistan and Indian are also known as “Desis”, having lived together, breaking bread together and having battled out at cricket, just like at home, on the streets / in their gullies.