Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum Co-Founder and COO Linda Chambers Assumes CEO Role

Billy F Gibbons to Receive “Iconic Riff” Honor During 7th Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum Concert and Induction Ceremony Nov. 22 at Nashville’s Historic Municipal Auditorium.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (November 7, 2022) —  Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum COO and Co-Founder Linda Chambers, has transitioned to CEO of the Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum, stepping into the leadership role held by her late husband, CEO/Co-Founder Joe Chambers, who passed away on September 28, 2022.

As Joe said, “The museum wouldn’t exist without Linda, she allowed me to be as creative as I could be, and she was the business side.” The leadership change took effect November 1, 2022.

Butch Spyridon, CEO, Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp, said, “The Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum is a Music City treasure. The future of the Museum is bright, and we are committed to supporting Joe's vision of making the Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum a destination as it continues under the direction of Co-Founder/CEO Linda Chambers."

The announcement follows the unveiling of the 2022 class of Musicians Hall of Fame Inductees last week which includes musicians Don McLean, Marty Stuart and The Fabulous Superlatives (Chris Scruggs, Harry Stinson, Kenny Vaughan, and Mick Conley), Ray Stevens, and Vince Gill, plus engineer George Massenburg, and producer James William Guercio.

In addition to the legendary musicians, producers and engineers mentioned above, The Hall of Fame is honoring Billy F Gibbons with the Iconic Riff Award in recognition of the many contributions he’s made to music. Some of Gibbons’ signature riffs can be heard on ZZ Top songs like, “Tush,” “Sharp Dressed Man,” and “La Grange.”

“Billy F Gibbons is such an incredible musician who has influenced generations and genres with his signature riffs,” says Chambers. “When we got down to picking just one song to honor him for, we were at a crossroads; they’re all so incredible! We’ll reveal our final decision during our ceremony on November 22nd. We hope to see you there!”

The concert portion of the event will be emceed by award-winning recording artist Phil Vassar, and feature never-before-seen performances by several Musicians Hall of Fame inductees with special guest performers including Rodney Crowell, Steve Miller, Wendy Moten, Mike Farris and more.

The house band will include Danny Rader (musical director), Dann Huff, Chris Leuzinger, Steve Wariner, Gordon Kennedy, Mark Hill, Mark Beckett, Eric Darken, Paul Franklin, John Jarvis and Mike Rojas. The Horn Section features Emmanuel Echem, Josh Scalf. Max Dvorin, Mike Haynes and Sam Levine with Background Vocalists, Bruce Dees, David Wilder, Vickie Carrico and Marcia Ware Wilder. 

The concert starts at 7 PM and tickets are available now here.

About Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum:

Joe Chambers was an accomplished musician and songwriter, and, as a couple, Linda and Joe opened a chain of guitar stores, Chambers Guitars. The couple co-founded and opened the Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum in 2006 on 6th Avenue South. They relocated to what is now known as the Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum at Nashville’s Historic Municipal Auditorium in 2013 and also houses the GRAMMY Gallery.

The museum, revered by artists including Keith Richards, Garth Brooks and Neil Young, recently added exhibits featuring Alan Parsons, Marshall Tucker Band and drummer, Stan Lynch.

The mission of the Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum is to honor all great musicians regardless of genre or instruments. This is done by exhibiting the actual instrument they used to record some of the most iconic songs in recorded history. Not only does the Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum entertain local and international visitors but also educates them about the musicians who actually played on the “soundtracks of their lives.”

The Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum is a 501 (c) (3) charity organization.

“Where else are you gonna get all the cats that are in this room?” — Keith Richards

“You can see the hood ornament on the car if you go to The Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame.  But, if you want to look at the engine and see what’s making it go, then you go to The Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum.”  — Neil Young

“There’s so many things that an artist sings that aren’t his or her own creation.  There’s so many things that you hear that make you love a record that, the truth is, ‘Joe Blow’ could have sang them. Because the song was so great and the signature licks were so identifiable that it didn’t matter who sang them. There are very few records that the artists made, but there’s a hell of a lot of them that the musicians made.”  — Garth Brooks

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