Media Contacts

Contact the Nashville CVC Media staff. 

The Public Relations staff is here to answer your questions and assist you in any way we can. While we do not provide transportation around the city, we can assist with appointments at attractions. NCVC schedules permitting, a representative can meet with you while you're in town to answer any questions you may have.

To initiate assistance, we ask that you provide us with a letter of assignment and/or clippings prior to your visit. These credentials help us qualify if Nashville is a perfect travel destination for your publication.

National, International, & Social Media

Heather Middleton
Chief Marketing Officer

Edie Emery
Senior Director, Public Relations

Mary Peyton Carpenter
Senior Director, Marketing

Matt Bodiford
Senior Manager, Public Relations

Conley Chinn
Jr. Publicist

Nashville Media

Andrea Arnold
Chief Public Affairs Officer

Bonna Johnson
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications

Local Media
Print Contacts

The Tennessean (daily)
P: 615-259-8095
F: 615-259-8093

Nashville Business Journal (weekly)
P: 615-248-2222
F: 615-248-6246

Nashville Ledger (weekly)
P: 615-254-5522
F: 615-254-5525

Nashville Scene (weekly)
P: 615-244-7989
F: 615-254-4743

Nashville Pride (weekly)
P: 615-292-9150
F: 615-292-9056

Tennessee Tribune (weekly)
P: 615-321-3268
F: 615-321-0409

GCA News - Westside, Green Hills, etc. (weekly)
P: 615-298-1500
F: 615-298-1015

La Noticia (bi-weekly)
P: 615-977-1825

Edible Nashville (bi-monthly)
P: 615-513-4465

Nashville Lifestyles (monthly)
P: 615-259-3636
F: 615-259-9995

Nfocus (monthly)
P: 615-244-7989 ext. 443
F: 615-244-8578

Nashville Parent Magazine (monthly)
P: 615-256-2158
F: 615-256-2114

Out and About Nashville (monthly)
P: 615-596-6210
F: 615-246-2787

Television Contacts

WKRN - News 2 (ABC)
P: 615-369-7236
F: 615-369-7329

WSMV - Channel 4 (NBC)
P: 615-353-2231
F: 615-353-2343

WTVF - Newschannel 5 (CBS)
P: 615-248-5250
F: 615-244-9883

P: 615-369-1717
F: 615-369-3299

Radio Contacts

WBUZ FM, 102.9 The Buzz
P: 615-399-1029
F: 615-361-9873

WBUZ-HD3, ESPN 94.9 Game 2
P: 615-399-1029
F: 615-399-1023

WLAC 1510 AM
P: 615-256-6397
F: 615-259-4927

WPLN 90.3 FM - Nashville Public Radio
P: 615-760-2903
F: 615-760-2905

WPRT-D2 FM, 102.1 The Ville
P: 615-399-1029
F: 615-361-9873

WPRT FM, ESPN 102.5 The Game
P: 615-399-1029
F: 615-399-1023

WRLT FM, Lightning 100
P: 615-242-5600
F: 615-296-9039

WQZQ, 93.3 FM Classic Hits
P: 615-399-1029
F: 615-361-9873

WWTN 99.7 FM
P: 615-321-1067

Media Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have high-res photography I can use?

Yes, you can contact us with details of what you need. The Nashville CVC cannot approve photo requests for advertising materials, real estate promotions, or commercial use. The images are strictly for editorial purposes to accompany an article about the area or promote an upcoming meeting or convention to be held in Nashville.

Do you have b-roll video footage?

Yes. The CVC has stock footage that is available for broadcast editorial purposes or to promote an upcoming meeting or convention to be held in Music City. If you’d like to use the CVC’s footage, please contact us.

Do you provide media assistance to traveling journalists?

Yes. The Nashville CVC receives numerous requests from journalists seeking assistance. For help in arranging a trip please contact us. Please note that complimentary and media rate arrangements are at the discretion of the host and may not be available. Unfortunately, we cannot provide airfare nor can we pay for ground transportation or meals.

Does the CVC offer press trips?

The Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp offers four domestic group press tours each year. The CVC contracts with Geiger & Associates Public Relations to coordinate these tours and to qualify journalists. Traditionally, we offer a late summer tour in August and a fall tour in October or November. In the spring, we typically offer a tour in April and May. If you would like to find out if your publication demographics match our requirements, please contact Tori Cuddy with Geiger & Associates:

Geiger & Associates 
1846 Junwin Court
Tallahassee, FL 32308
(850) 942-6685

The NCVC has representation in the United Kingdom. This office is available to help you coordinate a trip to Music City, receive digital images or just answer any questions you may have.

Hill Balfour Contact
Daniela Resenterra
44 (0) 207 593 1771

Do you have a list of local media?

Yes, the CVC has a basic local media list that is available. The list is updated twice a year and is not comprehensive. The CVC is not responsible for changes that occur between updates. See the Nashville media list.

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