Reward Fund from Christmas Day Bombing Awarded to Local and State Law Enforcement

Tennessee State Troopers Association and Metro Nashville Police Department Share Reward.

NASHVILLE – Funds collected for a reward in the Christmas Day bombing have been awarded to benefit state and local law enforcement, the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp announced today. The reward amount of $34,500 will be split between the Tennessee State Troopers Association in recognition of the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s work in identifying the bomber through a VIN number and the Metro Nashville Police Department for the heroism of the six officers who cleared the scene.

The NCVC started the reward fund immediately after the bombing on Second Avenue on Dec. 25, 2020 and raised $34,500 thanks to the generosity of local residents and out-of-towners who visit Nashville and care about the city. Additional funds were raised and donated to bombing victims, including impacted residents, business owners and employees.

Distribution of the reward fund was put on hold until after the FBI report on the Nashville bombing was made public on March 15, 2021. The report references 2,500 tips, 250 interviews and the work of various agencies, including the THP and MNPD. A committee made up of members from the NCVC Board of Directors and the Music City Inc. Board reviewed the FBI report to determine how to allocate the reward fund. Music City Inc. is a 501(c)(3) created by the NCVC to enhance programs, education and community service.

“After reading the report, we could not be prouder and happier to support our hard-working local and state law enforcement agencies for saving lives and bringing this investigation to a swift conclusion,” said Ed Hardy, chairman of Music City Inc.

The Tennessee State Troopers Association is a volunteer organization that supports the Tennessee Highway Patrol by financially assisting families of fallen officers, troopers with long term illnesses, troopers who have family members with serious medical conditions, officers with loss due to natural disasters and other needs. The Tennessee Highway Patrol helped identify a 17-digit number from parts and pieces of the bombed vehicle that led to identifying a vehicle identification number, the FBI report said. Six MNPD personnel from the Central Precinct, including a sergeant and five officers, saved lives by clearing the scene before the bomber’s RV exploded.


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