Fairlane Hotel Gives Rise to Bagelshop Partnership

The only spot to grab hand-rolled bagels in downtown Nashville.

Nashville – (February 17, 2021 – For immediate release) – Bagels were first introduced in America in the late 19th century and not until the 1950’s did bagels have an impact on breakfast offering another alternative to the Sunday trilogy of bacon, eggs, and toast.    Connoisseurs of the famous roll with a hole want more than just a bagel - - they want this doughy delight served fresh, with a variety of options and toppings, and a fashionable ingredient of ambiance.  Que the Fairlane Hotel.

A boutique hotel, located at 401 Union Street in the heart of downtown Nashville, the Fairlane Hotel offers timeless style with a modern flair balancing luxury accommodations, services and delicious fare.  Fairlane Hotel will welcome Bagelshop to round out it’s culinary offerings in the next few weeks.  Accessible from the hotel’s lobby and Union Street, this light-filled space formerly occupied by Mile End Delicatessen, will now house the hotel’s only coffee and breakfast purveyor operated by locals Max Palmer and his wife Kayla.  “It was like everything that we had been working towards had fallen directly into our laps at just the right time. We're excited to have a home inside one of the most beautiful hotels in Nashville. It's kind of like when you find something that you didn't even know you were missing. We are looking forward to welcoming  our friends who already know and love us, and we can't wait to greet new friends as our time here begins,” said Bagelshop Owners Max & Kayla.  Guests can expect to enjoy Bagelshop’s original core seven varieties, sandwiches, lox and whitefish, and will soon expand its offerings with pastries and other sweets. The main focus will be counter service and takeaway options.

“We have long considered a bagel shop (hence our previous operator: Mile End Delicatessen) as  a much desired downtown offering. Having Max and Kayla from Bagelshop is a perfect addition to Fairlane’s other offerings including Cheese Gal and Ellington’s. They could not have been a better compliment to our hotel  and are a great way to showcase a hometown favorite to our guests,” says Ethan Orley, Owner of the Fairlane Hotel. Who doesn’t love a hand crafted bagel for breakfast? Now you can indulge when walking by or staying at the Fairlane Hotel.

Ellington’s, situated on the hotel's fabled fourth floor boasts a nostalgic culinary experience set in a mid-century design infusing the past and present elements; Cheese Gal, accessible from the hotel’s lobby or the Fourth Avenue entrance, features artfully crafted artisanal cheese boards and perfectly paired wines Our partnership with Bagelshop rounds out what guests and locals can enjoy and expect downtown, at the Fairlane.