EAMOTION to Debut its First Ever Show,​ Tempo, in Nashville, September 18-22

A first-of-its-kind pandemic-proof, drive-thru entertainment experience.

The inaugural show launches in Music City before touring select markets.

NASHVILLE, TN—August 17, 2020—EAMOTION, a new live event production company that creates first-of-their-kind, pandemic-proof entertainment experiences, announced today the debut of its inaugural show, ​Tempo in Nashville, TN, on September 18-22 at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. ​Tempo transports the audience through a fixed, drive-thru course of animated other-worldly landscapes, each one offering a different dynamic display of video, lights, special effects, and music. The two-mile outdoor course, which takes about 40 minutes to complete, includes over 8000 lighting, video, and special effects elements that are perfectly in-sync with each other and the music; including a 50-foot tall pyramid constructed from 2000+ video panels, and 400-foot wide projection-mapped surfaces. With audience members safely inside their vehicles, EAMOTION is a socially distant and contact-free event for the whole family. Ticket prices range from $35-$65 per vehicle (not per person), and can be purchased at https://www.eamotion.com/​.
EAMOTION was conceived by CEO Erik Anderson of Cour Design, an award-winning, Nashville-based production design firm (Billie Eilish, Kacey Musgraves, Paramore), who partnered with the city’s top tour production industry talent to build upon and execute the initial concept--ultimately, more than 150 Nashville-based lighting, sound, special effects, and set design professionals are involved in the execution of ​Tempo. For Anderson, the project was more than an opportunity to reimagine live entertainment during the era of COVID-19. “We collaborated with some of the most talented people in Nashville to rethink how music, lighting, video, and special effects can be utilized and experienced at a drive-thru event,” he said. “More importantly, the project has already allowed a lot of people in our industry and community-- creatives, technicians, vendors, promoters, agents, etc.--to get back to work during the pandemic.”

With about 2500 cars expected to drive through Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway each night, and more than 70 people working behind the scenes at each show, the EAMOTION team will be executing strict protocols to ensure the safety of audience members and its staff. In addition to no-contact ticket scanning and timed entry ticketing, audience members are prohibited from leaving their vehicles once they begin the course. On the production side, the staff will be divided into pods of 5 people. If one member of the pod is sick, the entire pod will be quarantined. Alternate pods will be paid to be on hold, ready to step in if necessary.

For more information on EAMOTION, please contact Pam Manela of Proper PR at 646-763-1267, pam@properpr.com; or Rose Mary Gorman at 615-944-8954, rosemary@properpr.com.


Founded in 2015 by Erik Anderson and Gordon Droitcour in Nashville, TN, COUR DESIGN is an award-winning consortium of extraordinary designers and producers for live entertainment events. With a focus on creative problem-solving and a technology-forward design process, COUR DESIGN has executed stunning live visual experiences for such artists as Billie Eilish, Kacey Musgraves, and Lizzo, and was named by ​Variety ​one of “Live Music’s Top Creative Directors” in 2019.