Five of the best US destinations to visit in 2021

When crossing the pond is back on the menu, here’s where Simon Calder will be making a beeline for.

For the vast majority of 2020, the US was off-limits to British visitors: not merely because of Foreign Office advice and UK quarantine obligations, but because President Trump ruled anyone arriving from Europe as non grata (with a few exceptions for close friends such as Brexit party leader Nigel Farage).

Abolishing the presidential proclamation that has been in place for almost 10 months, and getting a sensible test-and-travel procedure in place, will be far from the top of Joe Biden’s to-do list. 

But the president-elect will be under pressure to revive international tourism to the US, and I predict an opening up by March at the latest. 

I was lucky enough to explore California, Nevada and Florida in February 2020, and can’t wait to get back in 2021. Here’s where I’d like to go first.