A Deliciously Diverting Road Trip Through the Deep South

This three-day itinerary from Nashville to New Orleans is stuffed with American history, sultry small towns and simple carbohydrates

YOU COULD drive from Nashville’s Centennial Park to New Orleans’s French Quarter in under eight hours but what a pity that would be. Opt instead to take the slower, far more scenic route. Follow the Natchez Trace Parkway and U.S. Route 61 to be transported through a landscape of hardwood forests and piney woods and across coffee-colored rivers, with a number of diverting detours along the way. Chief among them: The Mississippi towns of Tupelo, Oxford and Natchez—the latter best described as “Tiger King” meets “Gone With the Wind.” From there drop into Louisiana for a po’boy sandwich in Baton Rouge before an early arrival in New Orleans to partake of its everlasting party.