The Best U.S. Cities for a Weekend Trip

You only get so many weekends a year—make them all count!

Gone are the days when our idea of “travel” meant taking off on a red-eye to some far-flung destination ten thousand miles away from home. What we all need right now is a solid combo of novelty, fun, convenience, and spontaneity: weekend trips that require just a quick drive, flight, or train, but that still scratch the all-too-familiar itch to experience new faces, sights, sounds, and foods you just can’t get at home.

Dear reader, we feel you. And, dear reader, we got you. From classics like New Orleans and Miami to low-key favorites like Hood River and Bozeman, our writers and editors across the country whittled down 300-plus American cities to find the absolute best places in the US for a three-day weekend trip. These energetic locales have all the things one could hope to experience in just a few days: a unique sense of place, distinct cultures, great food and drink, distinct neighborhoods, bang for your buck, and—most importantly—near endless to-do lists. Pack your carry-on bag: it’s time to scratch that itch.