Nashville Tourism Fights Back From Tornadoes and Coronavirus Fears

Nashville’s tourism board is in recovery mode after deadly tornadoes struck the area on March 3, and now the county where the city sits has its first confirmed cases of coronavirus.

It’s an unenviable double threat, but the city has a couple of advantages working in its favor.

“We’re fortunate that Nashville is such a healthcare mecca,” said Butch Spyridon, CEO of Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp. about handling coronavirus. “We have the largest hospital operator in the world. Their chief medical officer is on our board and we’re asking him for insight.”

Spyridon said he was proud of the response from local businesses adapting quickly to coronavirus while also dealing with a natural disaster. “Our major venues, bars, restaurants, and hotels have all upped their game as they should in terms of cleaning and sanitizing, and implementing their safety protocol,” he said.