Inside Nashville’s Newest Star-Favored Hotspots

As Music City attracts more and more permanent residents, the capital is upping its luxury offerings.

Nashville, with its mild climate, buzzy night scene and hip food options has long drawn stars to its famed streets, but more and more people are permanently making the Tennessee capital home. Stars can generally roam freely without being bothered by locals, who in turn pride themselves for creating a low-key atmosphere.

In addition to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban; Carrie Underwood; Tim McGraw and Faith Hill; Kristin Cavallari; and Taylor Swift holding primary residence in the city, others including Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel; Reese Witherspoon; and Vanessa Carlton all own property in the area.

Nashville is increasingly becoming part of pop culture as well, even for people who don’t follow country music. There’s Music City local Kacey Musgraves sweeping the Grammys Awards this year, winning album of the year honors for Golden Hour. And Christian Louboutin just partied with Little Big Town bandmembers before launching his new Kinetic Art-inspired optical illusions collection Wednesday at Nordstrom at the Mall at Green Hills.

Additionally, after the fan-favorite show Nashville, starring Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere, wrapped last year, Lionsgate and ABC Studios announced that the show would next be heading to Broadway. Tony-winning producer Scott Delman is set to turn the series into a live stage show, detailing the stories behind the modern country music industry.

In addition to its historic music scene, where any number of legendary performers may drop in at any time, Nashville is now host to a number of top-of-the-line spaces that draw in celebrities nightly, without any fanfare.