Neighborhood Guide to Nashville

With a boutique hotel boom, a surge of restaurants and cocktail bars crowning the city’s rooftops, you don’t have to be a country music fan to get stuck in to Tennessee’s capital

A place nicknamed ‘Music City’ has a reputation to uphold, and Nashville certainly hits the right notes. Up and down Broadway, country music ebbs and flows from open-fronted venues like a rhinestone tide. But there’s considerably more to this city than just neon-powered honky-tonks and heartbroken harmonies. Nashville’s evolving into a thriving hub for young creatives, squeezed out of cities like New York by astronomical rents. They’re contributing to a restaurant scene that saw over 100 new openings last year, a lively farmers’ market, a flourishing rooftop cocktail culture and a boutique hotel boom. It sounds like Nashville is changing its tune — or at least adding a few new riffs.