Nashville's Food Scene

Food Scene

Discover the spots that put Nashville on the map as a culinary destination. 


Nashville has every flavor on the food wheel. Browse through Music City's restaurants that serve up a variety of tastes.

Hot Chicken in Nashville
Taste the Heat
Nashville Hot Chicken

Hot Chicken is a Nashville original, fried chicken dish, doused in fiery spices, and served on a bed of white bread with a pickle. Find this at restaurants throughout the city, with heat levels ranging from mild to "clucking hot." Discover Nashville's staple cuisine, hot chicken. 

Uniquely Nashville

Nashville is unique in every aspect, including the culinary scene. Discover local restaurants and bars you can only find in Nashville.

Frothy Monkey 12South
Dine under the sun
Outside Dining

Enjoy the beautiful Nashville sunshine, a bite to eat, and a cold drink at the many restaurants with great patio and rooftop seating.

Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Nashville
The Foodie Track

Whatever your taste buds desire, Nashville has a trip idea that will help delight the senses of every type of food lover.

Early Risers

Wake up early with Nashville and start your day with a hearty breakfast, brunch, or just a nice cup of coffee.

Martin's BBQ Joint
Slow-Roasted Goodness
Barbecue Restaurants

Tennessee is known for its low-and-slow barbecue and Nashville is no exception. Find a variety of dishes at barbecue restaurants in Music City.

Have a drink

Taste buds vary depending on your mood. Luckily, Nashville has plenty of options for everyone. Find the perfect place with a great wine or cocktail menu and order a glass... or two.

Food Events in Nashville
Food events
Celebrate Food

We don't just eat food in Nashville, we celebrate it. Take a look at all the fun culinary events happening each month out of the year.

Other Options

Looking for local food, vegan options, gluten-free, or something new? Look here.

Things to do in Nashville
Things to do in Music City
Still looking for more?

If you're looking for things to do outside of Nashville's Food Scene, check out some of the unique attractions and things to do in Music City.

More Restaurants

Explore all the flavors each restaurant in Nashville offers.