Lodging Reservations

Hotels and other lodging members have the opportunity to participate in a room reservation system managed by aRes Travel.

Program Overview

This program provides potential visitors with simple tools for booking a trip on visitmusiccity.com and through the NCVC Customer Service Center. While visitors are exploring destinations to visit, this tool allows them to confirm a trip to Nashville by providing an immediate option to book lodging. The reservations program provides an additional distribution channel for our lodging partners and it generates increased brand awareness and incremental revenue through exposure to high volume traffic on visitmusiccity.com.

How It Works

Lodging partners have the opportunity to participate in a room reservation system which is managed by aRes Travel and promoted through NCVC marketing channels. Leisure visitors make reservations through the NCVC Customer Service Center’s toll free number, aRes Travel’s Central Reservation Center, or online through visitmusiccity.com.

How to Participate

Member participation is automatic for hotels with room inventory through the Global Distribution System (GDS) or through Hotel Chain agreements with net rates booked directly into the hotel’s PMS system. No additional inventory or rates need to be provided to the NCVC for participation. The aRes Travel Extranet is available for independent hotels or other lodging partners to participate if GDS or chain agreements are not available.

Lodging partners may also participate in the Leisure Vacation Packages Program through the same aRes Travel reservation system. Packages combine hotels and tickets for a combination package sold at one price. See Leisure Vacation Packages Program for more details.

How Visitors Find Lodging

Hotels and other lodging accommodations are showcased in multiple places on the NCVC website where visitors can book rooms online anytime or they may call 1-800-657-6910 for personal assistance through the NCVC Customer Service Center, Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm. On weekdays after hours and on weekends, visitors may call the aRes Travel Call Center.

Lodging options can be found specifically in these places consistently and are promoted in key areas on the site relevant to key events or special promotions throughout the year.

Who to Contact

If you have any questions about the Lodging Reservations Program, please contact:

Pam Huff
Director, Leisure Sales and Services

Jessica Gregory
Leisure Sales & Retail Coordinator