About This Spot
Sadly, a lot of restaurant experiences these days are mediocre at best. The food is pre-made, the drinks are low quality, and the service is horrendous. A mediocre restaurant experience is more than frustrating. It's a waste of valuable time and money. An exceptional restaurant experience makes people come alive. Tasting food and drinks prepared from scratch with quality ingredients is like tasting pure joy. And, being served with care and intention makes people feel they way they should - valued and valuable. We create exceptional restaurant experiences because everyone deserves to feel valued through quality food, drinks, and service. Scratch made breakfast, lunch, and brunch. Featuring full coffee bar, full liquor bar, and honest hospitality. Come for a meal or book an event in our beautiful space. We can't wait to serve you!
Meeting Spaces
Meeting Spaces
Name Room Dimensions Square Footage Banquet Capacity Classroom Capacity Reception Capacity Theatre Capacity
Full Venue - - - - 200 -