BearCom Wireless

BearCom is a wireless solutions provider which specializes in short-term rentals which include push-to-talk phones, two-way radios and wireless...

About This Spot
BearCom designs and delivers high-performance wireless voice and data communication solutions that boost operating efficiency and increase safety. Whether you need a multi-point wireless network to connect your work teams, an integrated two-way radio system to add productivity across your facility, a bi-directional amplifier to enable communications between first responders, or any other wireless solution to improve staff collaboration, BearCom can help. Two-Way Radio Rentals and Push-To-Talk Phone Rentals Wireless Communications Equipment Rentals Improve Event Success, Increase Safety, and Save Money! Ready to rent two-way radios or push-to-talk phones? Get a quote! In today’s cost-conscious business environment, purchasing wireless equipment isn’t always the most cost-effective strategy. Whether you’re looking to rent two-way radios, rent push-to-talk phones, or rent a combination of both, BearCom can help make your next event easier, safer, and more successful. BearCom offers the largest wireless communication rentals equipment fleet in the nation with more than 25,000 devices. Our extensive inventory includes: Motorola Solutions UHF, VHF, 800 and 900 MHz two-way radios in analog or digital Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO radios and repeaters for complete wireless system coverage AT&T Extended Push-To-Talk cellular phones with 4G LTE to deliver greater range and clarity, along with optional GPS dispatch and tracking Mobile broadband and MiFi cards Two-Way Radio Rentals and Push-To-Talk Phone Rentals Some of the Most Common Uses for Wireless Rental Equipment: Trade shows and industry association meetings Conferences, conventions, and events Fairs and festivals Sporting events Concerts School, church, and community activities Corporate events Security operations Transportation companies Travel services Petrochemical refinery turnarounds
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