How to Experience Nashville on a Budget

Find ways to experience Nashville on a budget without breaking the bank.

How to experience Nashville on a budget

We have free tunes playing nightly, plenty of attractions to see for free, and ways to save some money so you can do more for less.

Free has a nice ring
Free music, free fun

Nashville, where free music is a daily thing. Why would we do such a crazy thing? Because music should be shared - we know that, and now you know that. Don't forget to download Nashville's free live music app so you can have who's playing in the palm of your hand.

Experience Nashville for Free

On a daily basis, Nashville boasts an experience that doesn't cost a thing. Music City always invites you to see our many attractions, events, and art galleries which offer things to do for FREE. No joke, come check it out!

Save Money in Music City

We have designed special Vacation Packages with you in mind. Coupons and discounts are always great and we have plenty for local attractions. Fill the belly with cuisine that is delicious and cheap. And you can always test your luck by entering one of our many promotions!