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You don't have to be a star to receive star treatment in Nashville. If someone put you center stage during your visit, please nominate them for a Music City Hitmaker award.

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Did a server go above and beyond to cater to your needs? Perhaps someone at the hotel upgraded your room. Maybe an Uber or taxi driver went out of their way to return an item. Bank tellers, hotel workers, servers, police officers, bartenders, and valets all work hard to make sure your visit tops the charts. If someone put you center stage during your visit to Nashville, nominate them for a Music City Hitmakers Award!

Downtown Broadway | Ole Red
Past Hitmakers

Get to know Nashville's hitmakers. Hear their stories and learn how they have made Music City a lasting impression. Music City Hitmakers will be awarded each month. And you can win, too! By nominating, you're entered into a drawing to win a return trip to Nashville - to experience our Southern hospitality all over again!

March 2024 Hitmaker: Carter Bolling | Ole Red Nashville

Music City Hitmakers
Music City Hitmakers Materials

Are you a member of the NCVC? As a member benefit, we will provide Music City Hitmakers materials to your place of business. Make sure you put in a request for materials so visitors will know to nominate your staff.


Thanks to all of our wonderful partners who help us support hospitality's frontline staff by donating gift cards to each monthly Hitmaker!

      Bearded Iris | The Electric Jane
 Eddie V's Prime Seafood | Morton's Steakhouse       
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