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Did you receive noteworthy service? Did someone make your day? Have you experienced real Music City hospitality? Nominate a Music City Hitmaker!

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You don't have to be a star to receive star treatment in Nashville. If someone put you center stage during your visit, please nominate* them for a Music City Hitmaker award.

Maybe a server or taxi driver went above and beyond. Perhaps someone at the hotel gave you a hot tip on a cool thing to do. Or someone helped you find that perfect gift for your loved one back home. Bank tellers, hotel workers, servers, police officers, bartenders and valets all work hard to make sure your visit tops the charts. This is your chance to say "Thank You."

One Music City Hitmaker will be awarded each month. And you can win, too! Just by nominating, you're entered into a drawing to win a return trip to Nashville - to experience our Southern hospitality all over again!

We want to recognize those special people that made your trip truly unforgettable.

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“Southern hospitality at its finest.”

Past Hitmakers and Their Stories
Taylor Latham @ DoubleTree by Hilton Downtown

December 2019 Hitmaker
Taylor saved the day for a newlywed couple visiting from Australia. There was a mix-up with their hotel booking that could have meant no place for them at the hotel. Instead, Taylor helped secure a room for them, upgraded them to a suite and personally brought them cake and champagne to help them celebrate. The visitors described him as “an angel that swooped down with a warm smile” and a “stellar representative of that warm Nashville hospitality.”

L.J. Whalen @ Adventureworks

November 2019 Hitmaker
L.J. Whalen of Adventureworks quickly stepped in when a Wheel of Fortune contestant lost a trip to Nashville based on a technicality – she gave a correct answer but in the wrong format. Whalen took it upon himself to recruit local hospitality companies to give Kristen Shaw of Bangor, Maine, a new prize that includes hotel accommodations, transportation, meals and drinks, activities at attractions, and Nashville souvenirs. The Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp, which had partnered with Gaylord Opryland Resort on the original prize, is providing airfare and an attraction pass as part of the new vacation package for Shaw.

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Alex Wornell @ Let Freedom Sing: Music City July 4th

October 2019 Hitmaker
Alex was part of the Music City July Fourth operations team and while helping set up the event site, he came across an elderly homeless woman underneath the Pedestrian Bridge. She was in a wheelchair – in distress and in tears. All her belongings had been stolen, including literally the shirt off her back. Without even thinking, Alex took off the shirt he was wearing to give to the woman, and she immediately put it on. “Alex jumped into action when a fellow human being was in need. We need more people like Alex in this world!”

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Gail Gunn @ Music City Center

September 2019 Hitmaker
We love it when locals recognize great customer service in their hometown. Gail was praised by a downtown worker who parks twice a week at Music City Center. They noticed Gail’s genuine smile and friendliness and said she treats everyone kindly, going out of her way to show visitors directions, hand out brochures and talk about the city. They said, “She is the friendly face of Nashville.”

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Liyah Wilson @ Stompin Grounds Market, JW Marriott Nashville

August 2019 Hitmaker
Liyah went above and beyond for visitors from Lynchburg, Virginia, who were stressed about their logistics for checking out of the hotel. The coffee shop server was able to confirm they could leave their van with valet the rest of the day, which meant they could leave their luggage in the vehicle once they checked out. But that’s not all. Then Liyah sent a box of baked pastries to their room with a sweet note. The guests said, “None of that was her responsibility, but she felt like making our day better, and she truly did.”

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Hernan Patton @ Alamo Car Rental at BNA

July 2019 Hitmaker
Herman has received several glowing nominations this past year on top of already being named a Hitmaker in 2018. A Michigan guest praised Herman for his big smile and kindness. She also appreciated an upgrade into an SUV similar to the one she is accustomed to driving at home. Herman is also a favorite of a frequent flyer from Florida, who seeks him out every time she rents from Alamo. She calls him the happiest, nicest man you could ever meet. She appreciates his recommendations of fun things to do in Nashville. And she said, “When I walk in the Alamo garage … I literally go running to him to give him a hug. He’s one of the reasons I love this precious city so much.”

Lisa Horngren @ Sweet Magnolia Tours

June 2019 Hitmaker
Lisa impressed a tour group during a trip from Nashville to Memphis with her enthusiasm and attention to detail. She highlighted points of interest and made extra stops as special requests to guests. But she really went over the top when she learned a guest from Indiana was staying in a hotel in Goodlettsville, quite a distance from where the tour ended in Nashville. The guest said, “Lisa kindly offered to take us there in her personal car since she was getting off work after our tour.”

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Andrew Thompson @ DoubleTree Nashville Downtown

May 2019 Hitmaker
As a concierge at the DoubleTree, Andrew went out of his way several times to help guests from Florida, including getting them a cab to the Ray Stevens CabaRay Showroom. After the show ended, the Florida couple tried for hours to get a cab back downtown but not a single taxi would come to get them. It was after midnight and CabaRay was locking up, so, they called Andrew in desperation. Andrew got out of bed and without hesitation picked them up and drove them back to the DoubleTree.

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Meagan Newsom @ Hyatt House Nashville Vanderbilt

April 2019 Hitmaker
Meagan offered encouragement and assistance to a Chattanooga visitor staying at the hotel for a month while here son was on life support at Vanderbilt Medical Center. She always had a kind word and ran errands for the family, like buying a charging cord for their computer or taking them shopping for clothes – on her own time and not accepting any reimbursement for gas. The guest said, “She gave more than service. She gave of herself with love and kindness. She will remain in my heart forever.”

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Nolan Pittman @ Sheraton Music City

March 2019 Hitmaker
Nolan is what we call a repeat offender. He receives several nominations each year and last year was named the Hitmaker of the Year. Nolan’s most recent nominations praised him for great service and going the extra step to help visitors make their trips even more memorable. He’s often the reason why some visitors say they plan to come back to Nashville for future visits. And we couldn’t help noticing that every time Nolan gets a nomination, visitors say they have a new friend in him.

Robert Lee @ Nashville International Airport Customer Experience Department

February 2019 Hitmaker
Robert helped turn a bad first impression to a good one for visitors from the United Kingdom. The elderly guests arrived for a 10-day trip in Nashville and arranged for a taxi to pick them up at the airport. When they couldn’t find the cab, they asked for help at the information desk, where Robert called the taxi company. He was able to help them lodge a complaint with the taxi service, get them another cab and calm their frayed nerves.

Chris Valdez @ Metro Nashville Police Department

January 2019 Hitmaker
Officer Valdez came to the rescue of a taxi driver on a cold, rainy night who had a flat tire after hitting what he called “the mother of all potholes.” The officer showed up on the scene after Steve called Metro Police to ask about damage claims and was told to file a police report. When the officer noticed Steve was walking with a cane, he insisted on changing the car tire in the mud and rain for him.

Guy Turner @ Uber

December 2018 Hitmaker
An Old Hickory woman praised Guy for not only going the extra mile to get her home after a Christmas party but returning her cell phone when she accidentally left it in the vehicle. Because of a GPS mix-up, Guy thought his last call for the night would be a short trip from the pickup location on Lower Broadway. But he was happy to take this customer more than 25 miles away to her home in Old Hickory. And for his second good deed, he drove out of his way the next day to return the phone she left behind.

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Jenny Duke, Devon Heath, and Jessie McNamara @ Music City Rollin’ Jamboree

November 2018 Hitmakers
This crew from the sightseeing, sing-a-long tour bus company helped make a marriage proposal memorable for a couple from Missouri. The guest said her fiancé shared his proposal idea with Jenny, Devon, and Jessie, who were their bus hosts during a Nashville tour with family and friends. They worked the proposal into their songs and comedic routine, striking the perfect balance to make it both funny and special. 

Herman Patton @ Alamo Rental Car at BNA

October 2018 Hitmaker
Herman came to the rescue of a California visitor who left behind a backpack filled with his computer and other valuables after loading all his luggage into one rental car but then deciding to switch to another vehicle. He didn’t realize his mistake until he was several hours away from Nashville. He called Alamo multiple times with no luck. After returning to BNA five days later, he was overjoyed when he found out Herman had kept the backpack in safekeeping for him. The visitor gave Herman a hug, and Herman exclaimed, “God is good!”

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Matthew Leppert @ Hilton Garden Inn Downtown

September 2018 Hitmaker
Matthew was working the late shift when he came to the rescue of exhausted visitors from Baton Rouge. They said they got to the hotel after midnight and after going to their room called Matthew for ideas on late-night food and dining. The hungry visitors didn’t want to wait for a restaurant delivery, so Matthew told them all the food available in the hotel shop and went the extra mile by delivering what they wanted to their room. 

Dawn Kote @ Hilton Nashville Downtown

August 2018 Hitmaker
Dawn has been nominated multiple times by visitors who said the concierge did a great job recommending places to go and things to say. One said she had the patience of a saint as they peppered her with dozens of questions. Another guest said Dawn surprised her with champagne and wine for her birthday celebration.

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Flo McLean @ Hilton Nashville Downtown

July 2018 Hitmaker
This concierge impressed a couple from Austin, Texas in town to celebrate a birthday. When their room wasn’t ready, she gave them the perfect dining suggestion and surprised them with a complimentary birthday dessert. “That was just the beginning of several thoughtful and helpful gestures on Flo’s part,” they said. Flo continued to offer them great recommendations of things to do throughout their trip. 

Kevin House @ Hard Rock Cafe Nashville

June 2018 Hitmaker
Kevin impressed CMA Fest visitors from Rochester, N.Y. for going above and beyond in assisting one of their group members in a wheelchair. He helped call an Uber for them, and when the driver parked too far for their friend in a wheelchair, he directed the driver through heavy CMA-related street traffic to park closer. They called it “Southern hospitality at its finest.” 

Antwain Stallworth @ Clarion Nashville Downtown

May 2018 Hitmaker
Antwain was recognized by a Wisconsin couple for his “upbeat attitude and friendly smile.” The visitors were expecting a medical package delivery the entire week they were in Nashville, and Antwain was always there to check on it for them. When it finally arrived three days late, he personally delivered it to their room. They called him “genuinely awesome.”

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Helen Leblanc @ CarMax Rivergate

April 2018 Hitmaker
Helen may not be in the hospitality industry, but we’d sure love to have her. A Texas visitor went to CarMax for a car repair and to pick up a rental, and Helen went above and beyond. Helen’s sense of humor helped put the stressed-out visitor at ease, and the visitor said Helen gave her amazing restaurant and hotel suggestions. “You don’t get customer service like that in Texas … you just don’t!” said the visitor from the Lone Star State. 

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