Music City Brand Champion

Brand Champions are local Nashville businesses that have successfully integrated the Music City brand.

What is a Music City Brand Champion?

A Music City Brand Champion is defined as any convention, meeting, or event which embraces Nashville’s Music City Brand through their marketing and promotional efforts. The Music City Brand represents all genres of music — from country to blues, rock to jazz, gospel to bluegrass, and classical to songwriting. Nashville is about all kinds of music. We challenge you to find ways to include music into your meeting.

How to use the Music City Brand

Whether it’s using the Music City Brand in your theme or printed materials, incorporating it into your logo or website design, or inserting live music into your meeting’s activities and programming, there are numerous ways to successfully utilize the brand. If you would like additional ideas or assistance, please contact your NCVC Convention Services representative.

How to submit for Music City Brand Champion

The Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp is proud that numerous meeting planners embrace the Brand Champion program by successfully integrating the Music City Brand into their convention and event materials and programming. The convention services team will be on the lookout for groups that successfully use the Music City Brand. Please be sure to notify us of your successful use of the brand.

Electronic examples may be emailed to:

Hard copies may be mailed to:
Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp, Attn: Will Rehberg
150 Fourth Avenue North, Suite G-250
Nashville, TN 37219

Annual Brand Champion Award

Each spring, an anonymous Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation selection committee will designate an overall Brand Champion for the previous calendar year. The annual winner will receive a Gold Record signifying the achievement, designation on the Nashville CVC website, and a trip to Nashville. Good luck! And thanks for selling Music City.