Framework Revolutionizes the Nashville Health Space with City’s First Social Sauna and Cold Plunge Studio

Framework opening launch location in Berry Hill on Feb. 8; flagship location to open late 2024.

Nashville, Tenn. (Feb. 6, 2024) – Humans are not meant to live at a constant 72 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, they thrive under extreme temperature exposure— and from it, derive significant short and long-term health benefits. Framework, a traditional Finnish-inspired sauna and cold plunge studio is launching its evidence-based concept in Nashville to help anyone dedicated to their physical, mental, and social fitness incorporate regular hot/cold exposure into their routine.

This will be the first studio in Nashville to offer both traditional sauna and cold plunge experiences in a social setting, providing a unique haven for those interested in the transformative benefits of sauna and cold plunge. At its core, Framework is based on the centuries-old cultural traditions of hot/cold exposure and supported by significant recent peer-reviewed scientific research, proving that extreme temperature exposure has lasting benefits on our health.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 60 percent of Americans are living with a chronic disease, and regular sauna usage has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of more than half of those identified chronic diseases. Additional extensive health benefits include but are not limited to:

  • 65 percent lower incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • 46 percent reduction in hypertension development
  • 29 percent reduction in cortisol (supporting lower stress levels)
  • Contributes to enhanced immune responses
  • Supports improved sleep
  • Overall positive mental and physical health

*citations available at

These results have all been tracked in published scientific studies referencing a traditional sauna (rather than infrared types). Also known as a dry sauna, Finnish sauna, or Nordic sauna, Framework offer a traditional sauna which uses a wood or electric heater to heat the room to 170-200 degrees Fahrenheit with low humidity. Alternatively, the cold plunges are chilled to 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit and are the same brand used by many professional sports teams, the U.S.A. Olympians and the U.S. Military.

To maximize the benefits, researchers recommend cumulatively at least 60 minutes of sauna exposure and 10 minutes of cold exposure weekly, broken into multiple sessions. Framework’s membership-based model is specifically set up to make it easy to make these exposure workouts a part of your health routine.

“Regular use of sauna and cold exposure is one of the simplest routines to add to your week to improve your health—once you get in, you just have to sit there—but you will feel physical and mental changes immediately. Exposure workouts are not a fad, but rather a durable and scientifically proven habit that yields lasting benefits," said Allen Penn, founder of Framework. “Framework provides a uniquely equipped and uniquely social, welcoming environment to build a foundation for your health, whether you’re deeply familiar or trying out sauna and cold plunge for the first time.”

Memberships at Framework begin at $99/month for 4 monthly sessions, while Framework’s unlimited membership is $199/month—a rate that will also be honored at the flagship location upon opening for a limited time. First-timers can try out Framework for only $15 ($45 for subsequent individual sessions).

Framework will temporarily launch in Berry Hill at 436 East Iris Drive while the permanent flagship location which is currently under new construction, is built in Wedgewood-Houston. Opening Feb. 8, the Berry Hill studio will offer a large public sauna and multiple cold plunges and outdoor showers in an outdoor studio with seating for socializing. In late 2024, the meticulously designed flagship studio will open and feature seven saunas and 11 cold plunge tubs, including indoor and outdoor, public, private, and group options, along with multiple spaces to socialize, including a unique non-alcoholic cafe concept.

For more information on Framework, the benefits of hot and cold exposure, to book a session and explore membership options, and to stay updated on the flagship opening, visit and follow @joinframework on Instagram.

About Framework 

Framework is Nashville’s first social studio for sauna and cold plunge, exclusively dedicated to the proven health benefits of hot and cold exposure. Anchored in humans’ natural gravitation toward community and built from centuries-old cultural traditions, Framework’s mission is crystal clear: To integrate traditional sauna and cold plunge into individuals' regular routines to establish a foundation for healthy living. Proven methods backed by research. Simple steps, practiced regularly. Strong foundations, built to last. For more information about Framework, to learn about the benefits of hot and cold therapy, or to explore membership options, visit and follow along at @joinframework.