About This Spot

Artist: Eric "Mobe" Bass
Location: BNA International Arrivals Facility
Installed: September 27, 2023

Crafted and painted by Nashville’s own Eric “Mobe” Bass, “Nashville’s Rhythmic Skies” is a mural spanning over 1,000 square feet that celebrates the vibrant culture of Nashville and the thrill of air travel. The mural serves as both a tribute to Nashville International Airport’s history and as a reflection of the rich culture, icons, and beauty of Music City itself, narrating a compelling story. The primary medium employed for this installation is artist-grade spray paint, providing a unique texture and appearance unattainable through other media.

“Much like a song, this mural beckons viewers to connect, ponder, and uncover their own significance within the soulful rhythms of Nashville,” says Nashville artist Eric “Mobe” Bass. “Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned adventurer, ‘Nashville’s Rhythmic Skies’ stands as a reminder that each journey is a distinct melody ready to be explored in the heart of Music City.”