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"WE DID IT OUR WAY BY FRIENDS, FOR FRIENDS. IT HASN'T CHANGED SINCE. In 2018, we were three guys who saw where the market was headed—not enough bourbon supply driving demand through the roof and creating impossible allocations for us and our friends to get the good whiskey that had brought us together. One of our favorite past-times has been traveling all over the country and picking single-barrels with our friends, but that memory was vanishing quickly. So, we decided to do it our way, and invest in our own abilities to select single barrels. We bought our first batch of barrels in 2018, quite honestly, we did it so that we could continue the tradition of picking through good whiskey with our friends. Little did we know what would happen next. Well, the word got out... fast. People started talking about our barrels. It became so popular that friends were asking if they could pick a barrel of our stuff. February of 2020, we released our first single barrel rye - and people on social media made sure the rest was history. Soon, groups from all over the country were calling to ask to come pick a barrel for themselves. In March of 2021, it hadn't stopped... so much so that we had to open up our own distillery to house it all. And we're so glad we did, because now we get to share even more whiskey with enthusiasts and friends like you. When you’re in Nashville, come on by. Have a dram, a bottle, or a barrel… and find out why the people have been talking about us. We don't have some made-up story of a lost recipe that we found in the attic of our relatives house. We don't have the last name of Taylor, Daniels, or Craig. We do have the passion and love for bourbon and sharing it with friends. We believe in being transparent and offering the best barrels that we can find at the best value that we can offer. Come to our distillery and let us show you what the locals drink in our Taproom or do a Whiskey Tour. You will leave a fan of Nashville Barrel Co."
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WE DON'T DO TOURS. WE DO EXPERIENCES. Our facilities are now open to the general public and we would love nothing more than to host you for one of our experiences. We have a handful to choose from ranging from a small flight of our offerings all the way up to a Bottle Pick Experience, giving you the feel of picking your very own barrel. We run each experience on specific days and have limited availability, so book quick! We also offer group and corporate events and have a private outdoor pavilion.
Meeting Spaces
Meeting Spaces
Name Room Dimensions Square Footage Banquet Capacity Classroom Capacity Reception Capacity Theatre Capacity
The Whiskey Lounge 48 X 28 1344 75 75 100 75
Full Venue - - - - 150 -