Lamar Advertising Company

We have a lot to offer, but it
all serves one purpose: helping our clients stand out.

About This Spot

Lamar Advertising Company is the nation's leading outdoor
advertising firm. Lamar offers solutions for clients in the form of bulletins,
posters, digital billboards, buses, benches, transit shelters and highway logo
signs. Founded in 1902, Lamar has a broad corporate reach with over 200
locations across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico specializing in
outdoor and transit advertising. In addition, Lamar has 22 locations devoted to
the highway logo sign business. This network provides clients with local market
insight, as well as the services provided by a firm on a national scale.

With over 100 years of corporate history, over 800 media
reps across the U.S. and a market-leading inventory of over 155,000 outdoor
advertising structures, Lamar has built its reputation as the foremost outdoor
advertising firm in the United States. Lamar essentially offers our customers a
blank canvas and provides the support to deliver their messages with maximum
impact, from inception to completion.