About This Spot
What served as a functional, tell-you or sell-you poster in the early twentieth century has today become a tangible piece of history, the beginnings of graphic design, and difficult to resist. We classify these prints as restrikes, though we’ve updated some of them with fresh palettes of color or the addition of handset wood type to complete the prints. In addition to these prints of historic blocks in the print shop’s wall o’wonder, Haley Gallery features work that can be considered contemporary interpretations and celebrations of Hatch Show Print’s classic style and process of producing work, letterpress printing, from artists that have spent time in the shop, working with, or as designer-printers at Hatch Show Print. This work ranges from the immediately recognizable monoprints and paper quilts of the shop’s former manager, and later master printer, Jim Sherraden, to an array of artists we’ve had the pleasure of working with via our Visiting Artist program, and current and former designer-printers of the shop.