The Escape Game - Downtown

A one-of-a-kind team building adventure that will give each player a story of a lifetime.

About This Spot
#1 Rated "Escape Room" & #1 Rated "Fun & Games" Attraction on TripAdvisor Nashville| Located in downtown, The Escape Game is Nashville’s #1 escape room and immersive adventure. As a premier provider of escape rooms, The Escape Game’s adventures play like Hollywood blockbusters with twists, turns, and jaw-dropping surprises around every corner. Their 60-minute adventures bring epic stories to life in a one-of-a-kind tactile experience. Here’s how it works: You and your team will work together to find clues, overcome challenges, and ultimately complete a mission. Escaping will require teamwork, communication, wits, a sense of adventure, and most importantly: YOU! The Escape Game truly is epic for everyone, from friends and families to thrill-seeking tourists and team building outings. Best of all, all adventures only take an hour to complete—so you can be the hero and still make it in time for dinner. Are you ready to escape?
Smoke Free
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Admission Fee
$28 per person
We recommend booking online 1 week in advance.