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Edessa is named after an important city throughout ancient times in Northern Mesopotamia. With its wealth of biblical associations, Edessa is known as the ""Jerusalem of Anatolia"" and regarded as a holy site by Muslims, Christians, and the Jewish community. With a history of 12,000 years, Edessa proudly displays the legacy of all the civilizations that prospered in the region. Edessa is a multi-ethnic city with a Kurdish, Turkish, Armenian, and Arab population. The modern name of the city is known as Urfa and is located in the Southeast of Turkey. Here at Edessa, we are committed to providing our customers with an upscale presentation of food that is authentic, ingredient-driven, and 100% fresh! Our goal is to offer you the opportunity to enjoy the delicious authenticity of Kurdish and Turkish cuisines, without going to Turkey. At Edessa, you can enjoy kebab or doner kebab, and many other authentic dishes including Kurdish and Turkish breakfast food, desserts, and drinks. We prepare our dishes the authentic way with daily fresh veggies and halal/Kosher meat products. Come enjoy the taste of Edessa and learn why these dishes are still around for centuries to come!
Meeting Spaces
Meeting Spaces
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