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About This Spot
We are a locally-owned family business. We love biscuits and serve breakfast and lunch every day to a community we care about. Yes, we’ve won some awards. Sure, you may have seen us in some pretty neat magazines and on a few foodie shows, but that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because we believe in breakfast. We believe in breakfast for good. We want you to walk through our doors and know you are welcomed home. We want to create a place for you to share a meal with those you love — a meal made from scratch, with locally-sourced ingredients from farmers and purveyors we know and trust. Our hope is you find opportunities to sit across the table from someone who may not look, talk, think, or vote like you and still find common ground even if it’s over the simple, shared love of the biscuit. We believe in brunch for all. We believe a meal is more than just food. It’s an experience — an experience in community, joy, empathy, and love. You are welcome here. It’s our joy to serve you.