Virtual Package - Cookbook Scramble Challenge

Look through Recipe Notes: A Taste of Music City then take our Cookbook Scramble Challenge. See if you can unscramble these ingredients. We gave hints!

This delicious spice can be found in Sun Diner’s Créme Brûlée French Toast.
Wine always pairs well with fish. When making the Horseradish Salmon Chef Tomasz Wosiak suggests using this wine.
The Virgin Hotel combines Belvedrere Vodka, lemon juice, and this unique syrup to create their Belle Femme cocktail.
This nut is used in Loveless Cafe’s Steeplechase Pie.
Emmy Squared shines a light on this underrated vegetable with their salad.
Mother’s Ruin specifically calls for this type of hot sauce when making their Green Chile Queso.
Black Rabbit uses this type of alcohol to make their flavorsome Old Fashioned.