CMA Fest - Songs Bring Us Together

People from all over the world journeyed to Music City for CMA Fest. Listen to the songs you saw live on our CMA Fest playlist for a chance to relive the experience.

What's your song of the weekend?

Nashville loves welcoming good people from all over the world during CMA Fest. After all, music is the universal language and no matter where we are from - songs bring us together. As you get ready to sing along with friends we thought we would provide you with a playlist to jam out to before you arrive. Whether you need it while you pack, during the road trip, or at the airport, hit play and have fun!

If you think there should be a song added, let us know below, and we might add it to the playlist. We can't wait to see what you select! 

CMA Fest

With so many artists and performances, it's hard to listen to them all. That's why we have compiled a playlist of all the CMA Fest fan favorites. Tweet at us or complete the form below to tell us which song you liked most and it may end up in the playlist.