Reopening Information

Please let us know about your plans for reopening. The information you provide will be used by the NCVC Staff to inform clients, visitors, and locals. If you have special requests about what should and should not be shared publicly, please include in the Additional Information field at the end of this form. 

Share Your Updated Plans
Company Address
Is your reopening date public information?
Please include special hours for members, seniors, etc., if applicable.
Please explain.
Will guests be required to wear masks?
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Will there be timed ticketing/entry, required reservations, etc.?
Please include any restrictions on location or date purchased, if applicable.
Can guests check in/out via mobile device, will protective shields be used at registration or point of sale, etc.? 
Please explain if only one form of payment is accepted.
Can guests self-park in valet spots, do you have clean handling policies for valet parking, etc.?
Please explain any pertinent information that should be shared with Nashville CVC staff and/or Nashville visitors.