What's Your Pick in Nashville

The NFL Draft comes to Nashville and we want to know: if the activities in Music City were up for grabs what would you pick? You're on the clock. 

Hot Chicken

Nashville's hot chicken has a unique taste. That others have tried to imitate and have never perfected. Grab a bite of the fiery goodness for your team and ensure a memory equal to raising a trophy. 

Food Scene
Nashville's Food Scene

If you want to be a winner, you need a winner on your team. And Nashville's food scene has won plenty. Just to name a few, Southern Living named Nashville one of The South's Best Food Cities 2019, Nashville came in at #1 on Thrillist's list of 10 Best Drinking Cities in America Right Now, and TripAdvisor named Nashville as one of America's Best Cities for Beer and Brewery Tours and 10 Best Foodie Vacations in America. Dig in. 

Nashville barbecue

You can't go wrong with picking barbecue. Barbecue restaurants all over Nashville have perfected the craft and offer a unique, Music City remix on the popular cuisine. And trust us, eating a plate of barbecue in Music City is liking raising two trophies, one for the taste and one for the feeling once you're done. Be a champion. 

Music Scene
Music & Entertainment

Nashville is Music City. And there is nothing in the world that can challenge the fact. If you're looking to be number one, stick with number one. End of story. 

Honky Tonks

The honky tonks on Nashville's Honky Tonk Highway are where legends like Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Gretchen Wilson, and more all got there start. Be amongst the legends and pick one of the honky tonks in Nashville.

Live Music

Thanks to our venues, hearing live music in Nashville is one of the best experiences a person can have. Once you're done with a show in Music City, you'll be ready to take on the world. 


Win the day and head out to our many attractions throughout Music City. From the Parthenon which is the world's largest replica of the Greek temple to seeing wildlife at the Nashville Zoo, Nashville has it all. 

Musical Attractions

Don't just win a game, be remembered forever. Just like the artists, songwriters, and musicians who reside inside Nashville's musical attractions did. Visit their exhibits, pay homage, and feel victorious in Music City. 


To be a champion, you have to look the part. Nashville's many boutiques and shops are sure to have the gear you need to feel like a MVP. 


Nashville's neighborhoods offer a unique experience anyone can cheer for. Venture through them all and gain a wealth of knowledge that will lead you down the path to victory.