Leisure Ticket Sales

Attractions and events have the opportunity to participate in a ticket reservation system managed by aRes Travel. 

Program Overview

This program provides potential visitors with simple tools for purchasing an attraction, tour, or special event ticket on visitmusiccity.com and through the NCVC Customer Service Center. While visitors are exploring destinations, this tool allows them to confirm a trip to Nashville by providing an immediate option to purchase tickets. Members are promoted in multiple NCVC marketing outlets and the ticket reservations program provides an additional distribution channel for our attraction, tours, and event partners. It generates increased brand awareness and incremental revenue through exposure to high volume traffic on visitmusiccity.com.

How it Works

Hotels, attractions, tours, and events have the opportunity to participate in a tickets reservation system managed by aRes Travel. promoted through the Nashville CVC marketing channels. Leisure visitors can purchase tickets for a variety of entertainment options such as attractions, city tours, concerts, sporting events, or unique special events. Visitors are able to customize their “experience” by choosing tickets that fulfill their interests in Music City. Individual tickets are sold through the Nashville CVC Customer Service Center’s toll free number, aRes Travel’s Central Reservation Center, online through www.visitmusiccity.com, or in person at both of Nashville’s Visitor Information Centers.

How to Participate

The NCVC has negotiated a minimal commission with aRes Travel for all NCVC members participating in the ticket program. Ticket prices must include the minimum commission to cover transaction costs and credit card fees. The aRes Travel Attraction Team will contact Nashville’s ticket partners directly to confirm participation agreements. To maximize exposure to potential visitors, aRes Travel will build a complete profile for each participant in the reservation system and tickets may be sold on all aRes affiliate sites. An NCVC Visitor Services Representative will contact ticket partners with details on opportunities to participate in the ticket sales program.

How Visitors Find Tickets for Sale

Tickets are promoted in multiple places on the NCVC website where visitors can buy them online anytime or they may call 1-800-657-6910 for personal assistance through the Customer Service Center, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. On weekdays after hours and on weekends, visitors may call the aRes Travel Call Center.

Who to Contact

The NCVC Visitor Services team acts as a liaison between aRes Travel and local ticket partners. Members will have a primary aRes account manager and an NCVC primary contact when participation is confirmed.

Pam Huff
Director, Leisure Sales and Services

Jessica Gregory
Leisure Sales Coordinator