About This Spot
Recover Health started as a response to the growing disconnect between patients and providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. As health disparities widened in underserved communities without access to telemedicine or a way to get consistent care while care facilities were limited during this time, ReCOVer Health began to fill the gap by providing point of care for those who needed it most. That dedication to convenience and flexibility expanded as the pandemic continued and the need for on-site COVID-19 testing grew. ReCOVer Health became the preeminent COVID-19 mitigation service for the hospitality and entertainment industries in the Nashville area, serving clients like Bridgestone Arena, the Country Music Association, AT&T, the National Museum of African American Music, Strategic Hospitality Group, and more. Coverage spanned from individual services to groups of eight and beyond to include being the COVID-19 mitigating provider for the Metro Nashville Public School System and Nashville New Year’s Eve celebration with over 200,000 attendees in 2022. Today, ReCOVer Health remains dedicated to closing the ever-growing healthcare gap by providing a full suite of healthcare options. We want to help restore trust between healthcare providers and patients in underserved populations, while providing clients of all sizes the flexible and quality care they need. We strive to overcome geographic and socioeconomic barriers that hinder so many from receiving basic primary care services by providing quality, convenient care that meets patients where they are.