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A Covid-19 solutions service representing a comprehensive suite of services.

About This Spot
ReCOVer-Health is a Covid-19 solutions service representing a comprehensive suite of services, which mitigate the spread of COVID-19 for those industries that possess a risk of transmitting the virus. Our streamlined process allows the acquisition of the right-sized capacity for testing, contact tracing, and risk mitigation strategies that ensure maximum protection for employees and the public. ReCOVer-Health procures access to COVID-19 testing by licensed healthcare professionals. These services are available on-site or at a designated location. FDA-approved testing is processed by CLIA certified lab partners. Results are reported via our proprietary software portal or smartphone app. Weekly self-reporting assessments are also available within a mobile app form. The self-assessments include automated reporting. Employees required to undergo regular monthly testing can save time with our convenient options. Current testing and reporting methods have been shown to have numerous scheduling delays, longer than desired wait times, and delayed results. We also provide COVID compliance for all type of work sites