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PowerPlus Distributors

About This Spot
PowerPlus Distributors has developed a first of it's kind disposable cell phone battery to be used while you are on the go or in an emergency. Branded as the Phone Fuel 2.0 Disposable Cell Phone Charger, it is small, thin, lightweight and designed to be put in a pocket or purse. It's built in plug fits both Android and iPhones, and will deliver a charge from 50% to 60% to your phone's battery in approximately 20 minutes. It comes pre-charged and is designed for one time use, which eliminates the hassle of carrying it around after you use it. When the blue LED light on the charger turns off, simply unplug it from your phone and throw it away, it's that easy. The shell of the charger is biodegradable and recyclable. The thin, tear open packaging is waterproof and provides the easy to use instructions. The Phone Fuel charger is ideal for tourists who have been sightseeing all day and find themselves needing a charge, but are nowhere near a plug or cord. More importantly are the safety uses, knowing you have backup cell phone power to call a ride share or emergency services after a long night on the town. Private labeling is also available for larger orders.