Music City Beer Company

With the rise of craft beer in America, Nashville restaurateurs, songwriters and venue owners who knew each other for a long time were looking for a...

About This Spot
Music City Light is Nashville’s local light craft & was created by Nashville musicians and venue owners to be both drinkable AND embody the spirit of Music City. It’s a refreshing, great tasting light beer that bridges the gap between heavy craft beers and mass produced domestics. Music City Beer also serves as the backstage pass to Nashville through behind the scene content, experiences, and music from its music ambassadors. Music City Light can be found throughout downtown and Nashville’s entertainment corridors as well as its company store at Nashville International Airport (Gate C-10). The company store also features artist endorsed commemorative six packs and merchandise. Visit, @musiccitylight, or the interactive airport kiosks to experience Nashville through the lens of Music City Light.