About This Spot
Maple Ridge Events is excited to announce it has merged with Evolution Event Solutions (EES), a strategic event management agency that delivers extraordinary events with real results. The merger fuses two successful Nashville-based agencies in the event management industry, both run by renowned and influential women. Robyn Bass, founder and CEO of Maple Ridge Events, opened the doors of the company in August 2012 as a platform to create a wide array of signature events, from curated tours to large galas. Falon Veit Scott, founder and CEO of EES, launched EES in July 2012 to provide the type of service where every meeting and event, no matter the type, is approached like a business and delivered as an unparalleled experience. Both companies have received numerous awards and accolades, and both Bass and Scott have recently been recognized as “Women of Influence” by the Nashville Business Journal. “It’s time to bestow my knowledge to others and pass down what I’ve learned. It’s my new focus and passion,” said Bass. “I care about my clients and discovered the perfect fit for them was the expertise of EES. This merger is less about economics and more about our joint love of the events industry, the clients we serve and our passion for doing business the right way.”