About This Spot
The Gallery of Iconic Guitars (The GIG) at Belmont is Music City’s premier venue designed to celebrate some of the rarest and iconic guitars and stringed instruments ever known. Among the more than 100 prized instruments are a 1939 Martin D-45 (one of only 91 made between 1933 and 1942); a 1923 Gibson F-5 Mandolin signed by designer and visionary Lloyd Loar; a 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard, and a Loar Quartet Master Series, featuring the F-5 mandolin, H-5 mandola, K-5 mandocello and L-5 guitar—all signed and dated by Mr. Loar. The GIG features an intimate experience for guitar enthusiasts to view these prized instruments up-close, along with historically and technically in-depth information on each.