About This Spot
Donut Distillery is a small business with a huge concept. Women-owned and operated, it is a one-stop shop for various mini donuts, boozy shakes, coffee, flights, and much more. Donut Distillery is more than your average donut shop, with more than eight local craft beers and prosecco on tap. The creativity is constantly flowing from their coffee cocktails and four flights, including beer, mimosa, whiskey, and coffee. The flights are carefully paired with four of their 12 signature donuts. This unique concept brings the community together with its eclectic atmosphere and special events like vintage markets, live music, and pop-up bars. Not only do they sell donuts and booze, but they also sell an experience. Come one come all as they have non-alcoholic flights and a kid-friendly menu. While continuously revolutionizing the donut, Donut Distillery has created a fun atmosphere for people to hang out, relax and be weird, proving that there really are so mini reasons to smile! My name is Shauna McCoy, and this is my story. We all love hearing stories about the “good ole days,” and one of my dad's favorite memories entails mini donuts. Growing up, my dad would take me to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Through all those years of balloons and culture, sharing warm cinnamon sugar donuts was the sweetest memory. Years later, I made mini donuts in my kitchen to recreate a memory we were both so fond of. My father and I were once again bonding over a plate of warm mini donuts that tasted of sugared nostalgia. The joy I experienced was something I knew I had to share. I wanted to bring people together in the same way to create their own special moments. After 20+ years in corporate America in Nashville, TN, I decided to trade my business suit and heels for an apron and mixer. With the help of my husband and co-founder Todd, we embarked on our journey around Nashville in a small blue food truck. The donuts were such a hit in our community that my family and I began filling orders out of our house and food truck. We were overwhelmed with orders, and my kids were tired of going to school smelling like the Tennessee State Fair. So, we decided it was time for a brick-and-mortar. Todd was hesitant to spend our life savings on a gamble. When the idea of pairing alcohol with donuts was presented, it wasn’t too hard to get him on board. “Free” beer for life was all he could think about until he said, ""I'm all in."" At that moment, the Donut Distillery was born in the groovy area of East Nashville, Tennessee. My husband and I take pride in our tight-knit relationships with our customers, community, and each other as we revolutionize the donut together. In loving memory of Iron Mike Donovan