About This Spot
Curacion began as our family’s mission to provide our community with locally and organically sourced CBD products. We believe a healthy community is curated from the soil up. Our name says it all, “Healing”. We are passionate about providing quality products for everyday use, athletes and pets. Curacion CBD products are Curated for Life! We use all natural ingredients in all of our products, and sustainable agronomic practices to grow our hemp. Our products are grown, processed and manufactured in Middle Tennessee. From seed to final sell everything that goes into our product happens in Tennessee. Our circular economic business model sustains our local economy. We are proud to be minority owned, and multi-generation Nashvillians, growing and producing a product to share with you. Curacion was started to bring the best in CBD to you, and your pets! Our focus from the beginning was on quality and community. We grow our hemp with care and attention to detail to serve as a foundation for making quality CBD products. We grow the same strain of hemp year after year to produce the CBD that goes into our products. Growing three-hundred pounds at a time, processing using the whole plant for full benefits in the same small batches and manufacture on demand. We complement our CBD with only natural ingredients. Being proud of our roots in Middle Tennessee we love our, using our products to highlight our passion for our state and our professional sports teams we incorporated team colors into our design. We offer to you a blend of products that are uniquely Tennessee and intended to bring Curacion to everyone. Our mission is to inspire people to live their best life, our vision is to be the CBD destination for professionals in athletics, pet parents, and everyday people. Please contact Will for more information at: will@curacioncompany.com and visit company website at curacioncompany.com.