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Colts Chocolates

The oldest specialty chocolate and dessert company in Nashville is sure to make your trip much sweeter.

About This Spot
FROM THE STAGE TO THE STOVE Colts Chocolates is the oldest Specialty Chocolate and Dessert Company in Nashville! In 1984, Mackenzie Colt gave up her career as a Country Singer and Songwriter and Co- Star for 7 years in the long running TV show HEE HAW, to start her own sweet company Colts Chocolates. Creating each and every product AND designing the packaging, Mackenzie says her creative side is alive and singing! With her unique products selling across the country, Mackenzie makes sure the quality and taste are perfect. The history of Colts Chocolates and Mackenzie’s life is very inspiring! Visit to read about us and see what we make. Please come see us at our little chocolate shop!
Monday-Thursday 9:30-5:30, Friday 10:30-5:30