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The Nashville Wine Auction

Wined Up! Nashville Wine Auction
February 27-29, 2020

The fun begins on February 27 with the Private Vintner Dinners, intimate dinners hosted by featured vintners in homes throughout Nashville. Wined Up! features many celebrated vintners and chefs who provide samples of their best creations. In addition, there will be a silent auction to fund the fight against cancer. For the grand finale, Pairings Dinner brings together chefs from Nashville and other culinary destinations to create a multi-course meal paired with wines from featured vintners while guests can participate in a lively auction to help fund the fight against cancer.

Pairings Dinner Nashville Wine Auction
July 30-August 1, 2020
l’Eté du Vin

Each year Nashville Wine Auction brings together wine enthusiasts and collectors to fund the fight against cancer during l’Eté du Vin or A Summer of Wine. The festival kicks off with the Patrons' Dinner, a champagne reception and a gourmet wine dinner featuring world-class wines. Next, taste wines from Guests of Honor at the Vintners' Tasting. Lastly, patrons can enjoy a wine tasting reception and Silent Auction followed by dinner and a spirited Live Auction at l’Eté du Vin.

Nashville Wine Auction
Fall 2020
Champagne & Chardonnay

Enjoy a sparkling evening out with your girlfriends and help fund the fight against cancer at the Champagne & Chardonnay event. Each attendee has the opportunity to enjoy wines from The Wine Market by Elise Loehr and Wendy Burch and Kistler Vineyards.

The Men's Wine Event Nashville Wine Auction
Fall 2020
The Men's Event

Celebrate the convivial gathering of gentlemen with plenty of red wine and a steak dinner. Join the celebration for a cocktail reception, followed by a decadent four-course dinner at Josephine.

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